Colours of the Moorlands

“Colour is a power which directly influences the soul” Kandinsky

The Roaches in the Staffordshire Moorlands

Bringing the stories and places of the Moorlands to life through colour

Colours of the Moorlands is a history, geography, social science, art project all rolled into one! We’re asking residents to help us develop a colour palette for the Moorlands, to look at their place with fresh eyes. And through the lens of colour, to help us illuminate and celebrate the vibrancy and uniqueness of the district.

People inside the Luminarium in Leek

What’s your colour?

What colour do you think of when you think of home, work or school? Is there a particular shade of green that makes you think of the hills, a red of the brick in the mills, the grey of the smoke from the steam train, or the colour of the strip of your favourite sports team? Or it could be a person, a street name, a village, or even a colour you feel in response to the landscape.

To get us all started thinking about colour, we brought the Luminarium to Leek in May 2023. Thousands of people joined us for this monumental experience and immersed themselves in a wonderful world of colour. 

At the Luminarium, we asked visitors to identify their colour on a giant map of the Staffordshire Moorlands, and tell us why they’ve chosen it.

You can let us know your colour of the Moorlands by picking it from this colour wheel and letting us know the code (#) and why you’ve chosen it in the form below.

We want to hear the surprising stories of colour that run like a bright thread through our place.

Once the colour palette for the Moorlands has been created, OUTSIDE will invite artists to respond to it with inspiring ideas for public art works, projects and events.

Colour wheel

Tell us your colour of the Moorlands and why you've chosen it

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